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The Benefits of Swimming with Water Noodles

Le 19 mai 2018, 20:59 dans Humeurs 0

The pool noodle is one of the most enjoyable pieces of swim equipment kicking around the pool deck. The uses for it are basically only as limited as your imagination.

Whether you are just splashing around, learning to swim, or looking to get a serious workout in, there is plenty of awesomeness that comes when you pick out the best pool noodle for your water activities.

Here’s just some of the fun things you can do in the water with these bad boys:

Getting used to being in the water.

For those of us getting into the water for the first time it can be an intimidating experience! We watch the lap swimmers cruise back and forth with seeming ease and wonder how we will ever get that fast when we don’t even like putting our face in the water.

Using a pool noodle can introduce us to the water without having to wear a full size life jacket. Simply wrap it under your arm pits and lift your feet off the bottom of the pool and you are floating.

Play around with different positions—front, back—to get an idea of how to align your body in the water for max flotation and comfort.

Great for water jogging.

For those of us who are a little heavier (no judgement here!) using a water noodle is more comfortable than wearing a flotation belt. More importantly, it provides a decent amount of flotation that we don’t sink straight to the bottom of the pool when we are trying to run across it!

Teaches you how to float on your back.

Wrapping the pool noodle around you like a scarf and “falling” backwards across the surface of the water helps teach you how to float on your back. This experience can be a little terrifying for the novice to the water, but being comfortable on yoru back is wildly important for general water safety. Sure, you might know how to swim, but in an emergency situation you want to be able to turn and float comfortably on your back to rest and catch your breath. Using a pool noodle at first can help you achieve buoyancy in an effective manner.

How to buy swim goggles

Le 11 avril 2018, 03:38 dans Humeurs 0

Ready to hit the local lap pool and get in shape by crushing some lengths in the water? You’re in good company—millions take to their local aquatic facilities on the daily to get in shape. Swimming is fantastic exercise. Not only do you get a great aerobic workout (along with the lung capacity training that comes with having to hold your breath while swimming), but you are also able to get fit without thrashing your joints or exclusively targeting one area of your body.

But first thing’s first.

You need to get some gear to make sure that you are able to swim in style and safely. Once you’ve got your training suit all sorted out, then comes the next mandatory piece of swimming equipment: swimming goggles.

Why is it necessary to swim with goggles?

Goggles aren’t just for looking stylish (although that is certainly a factor). Swimming your local pool with goggles is important for a couple different reasons. The first of which is visibility and safety. Humans weren’t made to see underwater. It’s important to be able to accurately judge the distance to the walls, where other swimmers are at, and to be able to see where the black line on the bottom of the pool is at. The second reason is that goggles protect your eyes for the nastiness in the water. It’s always been thought that chlorine causes the red itchiness that happens when we swim in a pool, but that irritation is actually from chloramines, a byproduct of chlorine when it reacts with human waste and other foreign substances in the pool. So yeah, that’s what is going in your eye, so goggles keep that stuff out.

Are there prescription goggles available?

Yes! Swimmers with a prescription have options (although perhaps not as many as their non-prescription colleagues in the water, unfortunately) when it comes to buying goggles. Most of the major goggle manufacturers, including Speedo and TYR produce them. Speedo makes their flagship as a prescription swim goggle. For a more detailed breakdown on the best prescription swimming goggles go here.

What kind of swimming are you going to be doing?

Lastly, there is the question of what kind of swimming you are going to be doing. Are you going to be swimming indoors? Outdoors? In a pool? Doing open water swims? The place where you end up training will dictate what kind of goggles, including shape, tint, and materials that the goggles are composed of. Indoor swimmers, for instance, would do well to use cheaper goggles like Swedes which offer great line of sight and are relatively cheap (for the inevitable wear and tear from pool chemicals). Open water swimmers would use a pair of wider-brimmed goggles that give them a broader field of view. Whether you go with a lighter or darker tint on the goggle would also be influenced by how bright your swimming facilities (or river/lake/ocean) is.

3 Cadeaux Pour Votre Entretraineur

Le 5 mars 2018, 01:45 dans Humeurs 0

They help you learn better and more efficient technique. They motivate, encourage, and push you when you need it most. They give you the tools to learn how to believe in yourself so that you can give your best more often in the pool.

They are your local neighborhood swim coach.

The swim coach lifestyle—even though us swimmers might not always realize it—is hard. Just like you, they are doing the early mornings, the late nights, the weekends away. Only they are doing it while also working another job (yup—being a swim coach won’t make you rich), dealing with swim parents (no easy feat in itself), working with the board, marketing the club, and of course, planning and performing periodization for the duration of the swim season.

Whether you are looking for a holiday gift, or just wanna show some gratitude for a season well done, here are some of the best gift ideas for your swim coach.

A personal best time. The awesome feelings that come along with swimming faster than you’ve ever performed before are hard to under-describe. Progression, improvement, and the PBs that come along with it are intoxicating and can help fuel our training for years and months to come. You swimming super well isn’t just great for you, it’s a moment of recognition and pride for your swim coach as well! It’s proof that what you’ve been doing together in training is coming to fruition, and this is almost just as satisfying to your coach as it is for you.

A gift certificate for your local coffee shop. Swim coaches run on coffee and chlorine. This is a relatively well-known fact. The coffee cart is always the most desired of the snack and beverage carts at your local meets—and with good reason! Being alert over the long sessions on deck, writing splits, stroke counts, seeing who made it to finals, who didn’t, is critical, and coffee plays a huge role. Head down to your local coffee shop and pick up a gift certificate. Whether it’s on the early morning drive to the pool, or on day three of a six day meet, your coach will appreciate the pep and caffeine that comes with coffee.

A new stopwatch. Although there have been a metric butt-ton of advances in wearable tech over the past few years, whether it’s the team-based things, or the personal waterproof fitness trackers for measuring results in the water, there are lots of options for tracking and measuring our swimming. But the stopwatch, one of the oldest tools on the pool deck, hasn’t gone away. Coaches still swear by their stopwatches, and the most popular one amongst coaches that I had talked to is the Ultrak. It has multiple lined display, you can count anything you can think of with its split/stroke rate/result readings.

In Sum

Your coach gives up a lot to help you perform better in the water. Like most teachers, they invest extra time and effort in helping you to reach your potential and ability in the pool, and in life. So why not show your appreciation for them and their expertise with one of the gifts in our little list!

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